The Drug Usage Report provides details of:

Patient, Inventory item, PBS Item code, Streamline code, PBS Rebate, S100, Health Fund, Time completed, Script Scanning, Medview, PBS Claim, Chemotherapy Compounder ID, Batch, Expiry Date.

To access the report:


6. Reports
2. Financial & Workloads Reports
4. Drug Usage Report - Date/Top 50 Selection

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Field 1.Disp.Site: Enter the main store
Field 2. Period: Enter the period OR
Field 3.Date From: Enter the date from
Field 4:Date to: Enter the date to
Field 5.List Name: Optional
Field 6.Pat.Category: ENTER if all Patient Categories required
Field 7.Ward: ENTER if all Wards required
Field 8. Clinic: ENTER if all Clinics required
Field 9.Bill To: ENTER if all  required (Patient, Ward, Fund)
Field 10. Inv. Codes: ENTER if all Inventory items required
Field 12.Doctor Code: ENTER if all Doctors required
Field 13.UR No: ENTER if all Patients required
Field 14.Stock Group: ENTER if all Stock Groups required
Field 15.Minimum Age: ENTER if none required
Field 16.Maximum Age: ENTER if none required
Field 17.Top X items: ENTER if no limit required
Field 18.Sort Criteria:
Select 1. Value or 2. Quantity
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Then select from:
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Field 19.Export destination: Enter required path
Field 20.List Criteria: The space bar will open this window or ENTER to continue
Field 21.Include Directions: <Y>es or <N>o
Field 22.Include Med.Unit: <Y>es or <N>o
Field 23.PBS Type - Select type
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Field 24.Min Cost Value -or ENTER if none required
Field 26.Stock Type - Select type
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Field 28.Status Type - Select type
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Field 31.Incl Cab Dispensing <Y>es or <N>o

Option Line <P>rint or <E>xport
The following window opens:
<Y>es or <N>o
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ENTER to continue.

Download Sample Report: