This report shows all stock that need to be reordered and creates a purchase order(s) requisition for the items that need to be reordered. It also prints a report of the items that have been reordered.

For information on the Reorder Methods in Merlin see:

1. Run the Daily Stock Reorder Report:

To access this report go to:


10. End of Day, Month, Year

1. Daily Stock Re-order Process

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Field 1. Site Code : Enter the store.
Option line: <F>ile to begin the process.

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Enter `Y' to commence the process.

The Purchase Order will print and load into the Purchase Order screen.

2. Go to the Purchase Order Entry screen:


6. Purchase Order Processing

1. Purchase Order Entry

Field 1. Order Site: - Enter the order site

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Field 2. Order No: - Enter R? to bring up all of the Order Requisitions that have been created.
Select the required Requisition. This will create the Purchase Order.

Field 19. Order Method: Check that the order method is correct.

To review the Purchase order go to:
21 <Line item Details>
Edit the order if required, and file the screen.
Send the order.

NB: Do not run this report at the same time as Scanner orders are being downloaded.