There a PBS Chemotherapy Price Calculator in Merlin.

To access this screen:

Dispense -> 7. Specialized Facilities -> 2. PBS Claim Processing Menu -> 9. PBS Chemotherapy Price Calculator

Field 1: Code - Enter a PBS code or Generic/Trade, {strength}, {form} where {} is optional data values. The PBS Lookup screen will appear if a generic/trade is entered·        

Field 2: Dispense Rule - Select one of the PBS Approval No Type

Field 3: Enter Script type - <0>riginal or <R>epeat·        

Field 4: Enter Qty/Dose·        

Field 5: Enter <Y>es if Regulation 24 OR leave field blank·        

Field 6: Enter <Y>es if Glass bottle provided for extemporaneous preparation OR leave field blank ·        

Field 7: Enter Benefit Type - <R>PBS, <G>en, <C>on, <E>nt, <B>ag, <D>ent      

Field 8: Enter <Y>es if patient is a CTG Indigenous Health patient OR leave field blank

Field 9: Enter a Merlin trade code if required - leave field blank, except where required e.g. Bleomycin. The right hand column will populate with calculated pricing values.