Merlin Store types:

Main Store:
  • The storage location for inventory items. The following STOCK transaction types (where stock movement can be IN/OUT) can be processed by the main store:
    - ISSUE of stock to an imprest client/imprest site/manufacturing site
    - TRANSFER of stock between sub-store/another main store
    - RETURNS of stock back into main store
    - processing of scripts (if set up for DISPENSING).
    - RECEIPT and RETURNS of ordered stock from/to supplier

  • A sub-storage location for inventory items (e.g. After hours cupboard, Satellite pharmacy) which can process ISSUES/TRANSFERS/RETURNS/DISPENSING/RECEIPTS & RETURNS (from supplier) in the same manner as a main store
  • A virtual store to mirror an automated dispensing cabinet's stock levels and Stock TRANSACTIONS from the sub-store mirror the cabinet's stock movement.
  • The sub-store is subservient to the main store or automated dispensing cabinet.

Controlled Store:
  • A store where inventory commitment & transactions are controlled i.e. commitment/transactions only update if there is enough stock