The "Drug Maintenance - External Core Data"  screen is used to maintain core "generic code" drugs catalogue.

The "inventory code" maintained by sites inherits  PBS and related data through its link to generic code(s). This link is maintained in the "Inventory Master" screen.

This "generic code" data is maintained by Pharmhos Software and monthly updates are distributed to sites automatically at the 1st of each month. Sites are not required to make changes in this screen - any changes made to a Pharmhos maintained generic code will be overwritten in the coming month's update. It is advised that if sites are wishing to modify Pharmhos maintained generic code that they notify Pharmhos.

The exception is where NO drug exist and it is a site specific product (e.g. Clinical Trial drugs, SAS drugs). Sites may create local "9000" generic drug codes.

To navigate to the "Drug Maintenance - External Core Data"  screen:
Dispense -> 8. Reference File Maintenance -> 12.Drugs & Related Files - External Core Data -> 1. Drug - External Core Data.

Many sites may have a shortcut ZOOM into this screen:
Type ‘[drugs1’ is the shortcut into this screen.

Before creating a 9000 generic code, do a generic drug lookup in the "Drug Maintenance - External Core Data"  screen to make sure the concept does not already exist.

Data Fields:

Field 1: Generic Code <Key>
Enter first 3 characters of the generic code
- You may be presented with a generic code listing. Scroll through list to check if concept exist.
- If non-existent, then press ESCAPE
- You will be prompted to "Create NEW <I>nternal Drug Item? or hit <ESC> to EXIT"
- Enter "I" then ENTER to create new generic code
- Merlin will assign the next available 9000 generic code.

Field 2: Generic Name
- Enter Approved Generic Name of drug.
- This is a mandatory field.

Field 3: Strength/Size
- Enter Strength (& Size if applicable).

Field 4: Form
- Enter drug form code
- Enter "?" for look-up.

Field 5: Type
- Enter Drug Type code   
- Enter "?" for Look-up.

All other fields are OPTIONAL. You may wish to complete the following 2 fields for completeness.

Field 6: Manuf.
- Enter manufacturer code
- Enter "?" for Look-up.

Field 7: Trade Code
- Enter trade.

At the Options line, file to SAVE record.