To Change the Average Weighted Price of an item to zero follow these steps:

1. Before the Average Weighted Price (AWP) can be changed, all stock must be removed from all sites. If this is not done, the Average Weighted Price (AWP) will not be correct for all of the stock.

2. Stock can be removed from all sites by using the Transfer Out screen.

To access this screen:


5. Transaction Processing
4. Transfer OUT.

3. Reduce the stock to zero, then go to the Stock Item Cost Initialisation screen, make the necessary changes to the AWP then, return the stock to all sites using the Adjustment PLUS screen.

To access the Stock Item Cost Initialisation screen:


1. Maintenance Procedures
3. System File Maintenance
14. Stock Item Cost / Price Update 
1. Stock Item Cost Initialisation or zoom [ITEMCOST

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Field 6. Av. Weighted - change the price to `0'.

File the screen.