Periodical Stocktake

To access the screen:

8. Stock Take Processing
2. Periodical Stock Take

Periodical Stock Take – Workflow

  1. Print Stock Take Work Sheet – (if required)
    • The printout can be printed prior to the Stock Take to confirm the order and what Product Groups the items appear in.
    • Sites that are familiar with the Stock Take process usually do not print these sheets.
  2. Commence Stock Take
    • Enter “C” at the Option Line to evoke the Stock Take as ACTIVE.
    • You will see the counter create the stock take records & the screen will exit when finished.
    • To confirm, if you return to the screen and enter the site code again, a warning “Stocktake is already in progress for this site” appears.
    • Commencing a Stock Take in one store does not affect other stores, BUT if you have more than one store in stock take mode warn staff to be sure they are entering data in the correct store.
    • IMPORTANT – NO Transactions are permitted during an Active Stocktake. This includes:
      • NO Dispensing
      • NO Issues – Planned or Unplanned
      • NO Adjustments
      • NO Transfers
  3. Portable Data Terminal (PDE) – Stocktake Entry
    • IMPORTANT – Staff need to be instructed on the following points –
      • Ensure selection is Stocktake (not Imprest Reqn)
      • Counting can be entered in PACKS OR UNITS – Confirm the correct selection has been made by checking what displays on screen.
    • IMPORTANT – Enter a SINGLE item and download this item to ensure it updates the Stock Take in progress records. Don’t enter hundreds of items that fail to download or fail to update the stock take records before calling for help!!
  4. Stock Count Entry Screen
    • Use this screen to confirm that the first single item you have downloaded by PDE has updated the system.
    • Enter the Site Code – if the Stock Take has not been started for the Site Code you enter, a warning will appear.
    • Enter the Stock Code of the Item that you downloaded.
    • If a warning “Already counted (xxx packs xxx units)“ appears, this confirms that the download was successful and that the Stock Take is now in progress.
  5. PDE or Screen Entry
    • *Note, PDE Stock Count entry is CUMULATIVE; counting the same stock at multiple locations is additive (except where it is counted in the same batch on the PDE unit where it will prompt for an adjustment).
    • *Note, Stock Counts via the Stock Count Entry screen are OVERWRITING so that an error in the count can be corrected.
  6. Print Missing Stock Count Report
    • After a significant amount of counting has been done, use this report to detect items that have been inadvertently missed during the counting – it may be the item and sticker is no longer on the shelf so would not be scanned & counted. The report can be printed or exported to Excel
  7. Print Stock Take Variance Report
    • This report is used to double check for errors in counting, particularly where the units of measure (Packs or Units) have been incorrectly selected and larger than expected variances occur in either Quantity or Value.
    • Importantly, to correct a count for a Stock Code, use the Stock Count Entry Screen to OVERWRITE the existing count. Remember that the PDE entry is cumulative and will add to the count rather than correct it.
  8. Set Uncounted Items to Zero
    • After counting is complete and the Variance Reports have been reviewed, use the Missing Stock Count Report to assess the items that have not been counted.
    • The remaining uncounted items can be set to zero using the batch process.
  9. Re-Print Stock Take Variance Report
    • Export the Stock Take Variance Report and confirm that it can be viewed in Excel; you may be required by finance or the auditors to produce this report.
  10. Post Stock Take Adjustments
    • Running this process posts Stock Adjustments to correct the stock balance.
    • Only items that require adjustment have a transaction posted.
    • These can be seen in the Transaction Details Enquiry if required.
    • Do NOT commence transactions until after a Stock Valuation Report has been run.
  11. Stock Valuation Report
    • Before commencing any transaction run this report from the Stock Usage Report Menu.
    • The stock values from the Stock Variance Report and the Stock Valuation Report should be in accordance, provided that you have not filtered out the listing (i.e. restricted the report by product group etc).
  12. Release of the Stock for Trading
    • After Posting the Stock Take, the lock down of the store is released and dispensing and issues can recommence.

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