There is a screen that will substitute one inventory item for another in all imprest lists that contain this product.

To substitute one Inventory item for another go to:

3. Imprest Stock
7. Global Imprest Substitution/Deletion

  • Field 1.Inv. Code - Enter the Inventory code that you wish to replace
  • All of the imprest lists that contain this product will populate the screen.
  • Field 5. Subst. Code - Enter the new Inventory code that is to replace the code in Field 1.
  • NB: If you do not enter anything in this field, the inventory item will be deleted from all of the imprest lists.

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Print the labels for the new Inventory item for each ward
Go to 6<Barcode Printing>

  • The cursor will be on the site code in Field 1. Hit enter to take the cursor to the Option line.
  • Go to Field 7. The field will automatically populate with `TEMP'-Temporary Imprest and Field 8. List Reference = SUBST.
  • This has loaded these fields with the imprest lists from the previous screen.
  • At the option line enter <F> to process and the labels will print.
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After this process is complete, escape back to the Global Imprest Substitute screen. At the option line enter `F' to process the substitution.

The following prompt will appear:

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Enter `Y' to process the substitution.