Credits - Returning Imprest Stock

Imprest Stock that is returned back to pharmacy should be processed in Merlin as outlined below. This will update the stock levels in the Main Store (Pharmacy) and create a credit to the ward for the cost of the items.

To access the screen:

5. Transaction Processing
Site Code: Enter supply site
Option 10 Return to Stock - Multi

Field 1: Enter Supply site code (i.e. dispensary) – or type ? to display look up menu 

Field 2:  Enter Return site code – or type ?to display look up menu. 

Field 3: Enter your User ID.

Field 4: Enter through Field 4 Remarks without making any notes. 

Field 5: Enter required drug in Field 5, Line 1
OR– scan barcode on item pack if available

Field 6: Specify Trade brand in Field 6 (optional)

Field 7: No entry required

Field 8 shows whether you are returning the stock in units (U) or issue packs (I). Leave the default as (I) unless you are issuing less than the standard pack size (e.g. 3 amps from pack of 5) 

Field 8: Enter Quantity in Field 9, Line1

(If more items to be supplied: Press Enter and repeat steps 5 - 7 on line 2 etc.)

Press Enter to jump to Option Line on bottom of screen 

Type “F ” to finalise the transaction; Type “Y” to red message “Confirm OK to File” 

Items will be credited from the ward.
Type P to print (allow printer default settings). 
A ‘Credit Note Report’ will print from Merlin to confirm transaction and indicate a reference number.