The Sites with Possible Stock screen will display ALL sites (main stores, sub-stores, manufacturing site and imprest sites) with the requested stock, and their usual stock level.

NOTE: The stock level for the imprest sites are not the current Quantity on hand values – the stock level value represents the MAXIMUM quantity set against the imprest site’s imprest list.

To access the screen:

Inventory ->  2. Enquiry Procedures -> 4. Sites with Possible Stock 

Field 1: Inv Code - Enter the Inventory Code of the drug you are enquiring about, or search for it using the usual drug search rules.

All wards that have that item on imprest will be displayed. 

Field 11 allows you to remove the filter for site, so that all locations across all Pharmacy Services sites can be viewed, to select this view change Field 11 (Filter by Site) to N.