How to generate an Official Pharmacy Receipt:

An Official Pharmacy Receipt is a common request from customers to support health insurance claims. It can be generated and printed from the Patient's Dispensing History.

To access this screen:

1. Dispense

  • Field 1: Pt - Enter in Patient name or UR number
  • The Patient’s Dispensing History appears.
  • At the Option line, enter the row number and ENTER for the first item you need to TAG to include on the Official Pharmacy Receipt.
  • Press E (edit) then ENTER again when prompted with the message below.

  • If further items are required to be included on the Official Pharmacy Receipt, at the Options line TAG these items by entering the row number and ENTER.
  • Once all items are tagged, at the Options line Type ‘M’ to display Menu options

  • The Option Line Selection Menu appears. 
  • Select <RFM> Official Pharmacy Receipt.
  • The Print Option Bar appears. Type ‘P’ to print Official Pharmacy Receipt.