The Additives Module:

The Additives Module was developed to meet the needs of contemporary Pharmacy practice.  There is an increasing demand on Pharmacy services to produce a range of sterile preparations for individual patients, particularly Parenteral Nutrition Solutions, Cytotoxic, and other Intravenous Additive Preparations. With this demand there are pressures from hospital managements for financial accountability;  Pharmacy State Regulatory Boards for patient records and medication profiling;  Manufacturing Codes of Ethics for manufacturing records;  Blood Transfusion Service products requiring batch tracking; and the need for efficient use of Pharmacy labour.

The main objectives of the module are to :

1.   Provide for compounded preparations, particularly sterile products produced for individual patients.

2.  Provide for scheduling of work to be done in particular work areas. This is particularly important with cancer chemotherapy,
     where patients may receive cytotoxic therapy at regular intervals, and are scheduled for therapy.

3.  Provide for the necessary batch records for the Code of Good Manufacturing Practice.

4.  Provide for the necessary additive label for the Code of Good Manufacturing Practice.