An inventory item which is consumed as a component in the Additive manufacturing process can have reference items against it.

Examples of component inventory items include:         
  • purchased TPNs e.g. Baxter Olimel/PeriOlimel 3-compartment TPN bag, SmofKabiven electrolyte/electrolyte free TPN bags
  • concentrated electrolyte for injection e.g. calcium chloride 10% vial, potassium acetate 490mg/mL vial
  • infusion solutions e.g. Hartmann’s infusion bag, sodium chloride 0.45% infusion bag  

Reference items describes the:
  • constituents that make up the inventory product such as amino acid/glucose & other carbohydrates/lipid/electrolytes/nitrogen content; and
  • chemical & physical properties of the inventory product such as energy content, osmolality, osmolality and pH

The Reference items will appear on the printed Additive Label:

For each Reference Item, the value is the sum total of all components multiplied by the final volume
e.g. if the components were NaCl and NaAcetate, the total Na+ will be inclusive of the Na+ of NaCl and NaAcetate multiplied by the final volume.


Inventory code has an associated Generic code. This map is maintained in the Inventory Master screen.

The generic code has additional properties, which are used to describe the drug. This includes additive properties such as reference items. This relationship can be maintained in the DRUGS2 screen.

To access this screen:

8.   Reference File Maintenance
13.  Drugs & Related Files - Internal User Data
1.    Drug File - Internal Data


zoom [DRUGS2

The reference items data sits in the Additives Data sub-screen (field 18).

Each reference item’s values are listed in field 5 and 6. The value in field 6 represents the qty/mL.

Field 5 is a lookup. The reference item listed in this lookup and units that appear in the screen is maintained in the “Additives Reference Item” screen.

To access this screen:

8.  Reference File Maintenance
13. Drugs & Related Files-Internal User Data
5.  Drug Referenced Item

The reference unit (field 3) is a lookup. This value is maintained in the “S.I. Quantitative Units” screen.

To access this screen:

8.  Reference File Maintenance
12. Drugs & Related Files-External Core Data
6.  Drug S.I. Measure Unit