Creating an Additive Inventory item:

Note: It is best that the Inventory Master file is managed centrally by the purchasing officer or equivalent.

Setting up an admix product is no different to setting up a normal inventory item.

The differences are:
  • generic name - make "[ADMIX]" the suffix to the drug description ie Morpine Sulphate [ADMIX]
  • strength - remove the strength value as ADMIX products are strength/dose independent
  • product group - set the product group to "ADMIX"
  • product type - for additive items, the product type must be set to "A"
  • internal issue - this would be the form of the final product e.g. bag
  • units per issue - value MUST always be "1"
  • Purchase data - additive inventory items have NO purchasing data, as these are manufactured by the site.